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Bittern...in Central Park?

New York, NY

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This morning I read a report of an American Bittern which had been found roosting for the day in the Central Park Ramble, so after school today I headed over to see if I could find it, as well as any other migrants that might be in the area. Bitterns are secretive, seldom-seen heron species so it would be a real treat to see one in Central Park of all places!

As soon as I walked into the Central Park Ramble, I noticed a flurry of activity and it turned out an immature COOPER’S HAWK had just found a prey item and pounced on it! I didn’t get a good look at what it killed, but I suspect it was a Gray Catbird.

Then, I made a beeline to Tupelo Meadow where the AMERICAN BITTERN, sure enough, was posing on a rock — just like the report said it had been doing all day! Too cool!!!! It provided some beautiful views and put on a show, turning about, posing, and preening.

GRAY CATBIRDS such as this were also in the vicinity:

The bittern attracted quite a crowd. An absolute celebrity! This is what birding in Central Park looks like.

The light showed beautifully among the foliage on “The Point” in the Ramble — a part where the land juts out into the Central Park Lake which can be very productive for birds. Today, it was quiet there, but serene.

Less peaceful was the emergence of many Norway (Brown) Rats for the evening. I saw one couple who were so disgusted that the woman said “let’s go run on the street, Ive had enough of this!”

ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK in nonbreeding plumage:

RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRDS were profuse in a certain patch of jewelweed:

Other than the Bittern, there wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy in the Ramble. A few COMMON YELLOWTHROATS were around though, one of the few warblers I saw today:

And a Raccoon made quite the appearance.

But unfortunately, she was being fed — that’s what makes her so fat! Other than proper bird feeders, avoid feeding wildlife so as not to make the wildlife tame around humans. This can put them in dangerous situations.

Bird-of-the-day to the American Bittern, of course! Stay tuned, we are nearing the height of migration here!

Good birding,
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Wowza! What a treat! Your photos are fabulous and maybe I could paint from them some day?

by Poo

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