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LaBagh Woods & Evanston Twitch!

Cook County, IL

all seasons in one day 73 °F

At first, I thought I wouldn’t go birding today due to a dismal weather forecast, but once the weather started clearing up today to make for a beautiful day, I decided to make the most of the afternoon and headed up to LaBagh Woods to search for migrant warblers.

My first new warbler for the spring today was a heard-only singing BAY-BREASTED WARBLER from home. Too bad I didn’t get photos, but I am hoping/expecting to run into another one this season at a migrant trap like LaBagh or Jackson Park.

Upon arriving to LaBagh, I did find a nice showing of warblers including BLACK-AND-WHITE:


And my second new one for the day, HOODED — a tough bird to get around here! Woot woot! This stunning bird is my favorite warbler species and one of my all-time favorite birds given its extremely handsome color combination and the fact that it is uncommon and shy enough to be a sensation when seen. With the addition of the Hooded, I have only three more warbler species to go before I get a “NE Illinois warbler sweep:” Mourning, Connecticut, and Canada. The only one that is truly tough of those three is the seldom-seen Connecticut.

While looking at the Hooded, I got a call from my friend Isoo who told me of a crazy sighting: a rare Yellow-headed Blackbird foraging in a front lawn in nearby Evanston, IL. So of course, I headed immediately over and even before stepping out of the car, I saw the male YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD foraging on the lawn of the appointed house: 1132 Noyes. Now THAT is what I call a successful twitch! These western blackbirds are quite rare in Chicago and to see one at such a close range is incredible.

I had to hurry home, but in the evening I was treated to a few nice NASHVILLE WARBLERS in the Cottonwood tree out front.

Good stuff, again! Stay tuned for more coming tomorrow! Bird-of-the-day to the Yellow-headed Blackbird with runner-up to the Hooded Warbler.

Good birding,
A world Life List: 1115 Species

Spring 2020 warbler list: 32/35 so far

1. Ovenbird: Washington Park, May 1
2. Worm-eating Warbler BONUS RARITY: North Pond, April 28
3. Louisiana Waterthrush: DuPage County, April 4
4. Northern Waterhthrush: North Pond, April 28
5. Golden-winged Warbler: Thatcher Woods, May 11
6. Blue-winged Warbler: Washington Park, May 1
7. Black-and-White Warbler: North Pond, April 28
8. Prothonotary Warbler: Mihiel Woods East, May 9
9. Tennessee Warbler: Jackson Park, May 2
10. Orange-crowned Warbler: Oak Park alley, April 24
11. Nashville Warbler: Hegewisch Marsh, April 27
12. Connecticut Warbler
13. Mourning Warbler
14. Kentucky Warbler: Mihiel Woods East, May 9
15. Common Yellowthroat: North Pond, April 28
16. Hooded Warbler: LaBagh Woods, May 14
17. American Redstart: Jackson Park, May 2
18. Cape May Warbler: Jackson Park, May 10
19. Cerulean Warbler: Lyman Woods, May 3
20. Northern Parula: GAR Woods, May 3
21. Magnolia Warbler: North Pond, May 2
22. Bay-breasted Warbler: 515 N Elmwood Ave, May 14
23. Blackburnian Warbler: North Pond, May 2
24. Yellow Warbler: Jackson Park, May 2
25. Chestnut-sided Warbler: Jackson Park, May 10
26. Blackpoll Warbler: Jackson Park, May 10
27. Black-throated Blue Warbler: LaBagh Woods, May 10
28. Palm Warbler: Big Marsh, April 27
29. Pine Warbler: Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve, April 18
30. Yellow-rumped Warbler: Thatcher Woods, April 4
31. Yellow-throated Warbler: North Pond, May 2
32. Townsend’s Warbler BONUS RARITY: Deer Grove Forest Preserve, April 17
33. Black-throated Green Warbler: Gillson Park, April 28
34. Canada Warbler
35. Wilson’s Warbler: GAR Woods, May 11
Bonus: Brewster’s Warbler (Golden-winged X Blue-winged hybrid: LaBagh Woods, May 10

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